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    Pancreatitis - Inflammation of the pancreas. This can be life threatening for pets, often associated with eating fatty foods.

    Pediculosis - Infestation of lice.

    Pheromone - A chemical secreted externally by some animals that cause specific responses in other animals e.g pheromones secreted by bitches in heat will stimulate others in close contact to also come on heat.

    Polyarthritis -
    Arthritis involving two or more joints.

    Polydipsia - Excessive thirst that causes a great degree of drinking.

    Polyestrous - During a sexual season, the continuing to come into heat if not bred. Cats can be polyestrous, dogs are not.

    Polyp - A small growth arising from mucous membranes - found in the the nasal cavity and intestinal tract.

    Polyuria - Excessive urination in a pet.

    Proestrus (Proestrous) - The stage of the estrus cycle - just prior to an animal coming into heat.

    Prosthesis - An artificial part e.g. hip joint or limb..

    Pruritis -

    Put down - To painlessly destroy - put to sleep.

    Pyoderma - infection of the skin; usually caused by a bacterial invasion.

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