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    Ear Mites - Small parasitic insects that live in the ears of animals - they can only survive outside the ear for very short periods of time.

    E. coli - A bacterium present in the intestines, which may become pathogenic.

    Ectoparasite -
    Parasite that lives on the outside surface or skin of an animal. It includes fleas, ticks, lice, and mange mites.

    Embolism - A plug, usually a blood clot, blocking a blood vessel.

    Emaciation - Excessive thinness or wasting.

    Endoscope - A device with a light attached, used to look inside a body cavity or organ.

    Enteral feeding -
    Method to feed an animal with a liquid by placing a tube through the body wall into the intestine.

    Enterotomy - An operation cutting into the intestines.

    Estrus -
    Time when a female animal is fertile and receptive to the male. More commonly known as a 'heat' period.

    Exotic - Animal not native to the area where it is living.

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