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  • Pet owners advised to take out pet travel insurance

    Pet owners planning to take their pets away with them this summer are advised to purchase pet insurance with pet travel insurance included.

    This means not only planning ahead to get a pet travel passport but to remember to purchase the right pet insurance with travel cover. The advice from online pet magazine K9 includes the tip to check with your travel operator about the transit of pets abroad.

    Covering pets abroad is becoming both more popular and also more of a necessity as more pet owners take their pets abroad with them when they travel across Europe. Pet owners are also advised to allow their pets time to acclimatise to both the surroundings and the food when they take them abroad - and taking their favourite food with you is often the best way to do this to help them familiarise themselves with the foreign surroundings.

    K9 Magazine advises: "Preparation is key when travelling abroad with a pet; leave at least six months to get your pet passport organised, and of course double check your pet is allowed into your destination country.

    "Your first port of call should be the vet so your pet can be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies."

    Many pet insurers, such as Virgin pet insurance, now include the option to take pet travel cover for such situations. Virgin pet insurance includes up to £300 emergency expenses abroad and £1500 quarantine cover

    Pet insurance is vital for you and your pet. Protect yourself from high vet bills and get the best healthcare for your pet. To get a quote click here.

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