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  • Pet Names following Celebrity Lines

    According to reports, the influence of celebrities is stretching to how we name our pets. The Direct Line report states that over the past 2 years there has been a 25% increase in owners naming their pets after Manchester United and England striker, Wayne Rooney, while there has been a 46% rise in naming after Kylie Minogue.

    The report continued to state that the most popular pets' name is now Molly (not sure where the celebrity pet connection is there) - while Ozzy Osbourne has dramatically increased for cat naming and Sylvester Stallone for dogs.

    Chris Price, head of Direct Line Pet Insurance, said: "How we name our pets is a testament to the close relationships we have with them."

    "Its not surprising to find similarities between the top ten names for dogs and cats and the most popular baby names because we see our pets as important members of the family," he added.

    Other pet websites and recent reporting have announced similar findings in pet naming just to show how modern day icons now influence our daily lives.

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