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    Pet owners are being urged to show greater care to their pets' teeth - as research has shown that most pet owners do not take animal dental care seriously - particularly for their dogs.

    Animal charity PDSA has recently conducted the research that has shown this with two-thirds of pet owners apparently assuming that it is natural for their pets to lose teeth as they grow older. According to vets this is simply not true and most of this dental loss can be avoided with better dental care for pets.

    Similarly, roughly the same number of pet owners thought it natural for their pets to suffer bad breath - an early indicator of dental problems. The state of pets' teeth in the UK is an excellent reason to have good quality pet insurance - with dental hygiene normally covered as part of these policies.

    Senior PDSA veterinary technician Elaine Pendlebury comments: "Our own statistics and the new survey results suggest that very few pet owners carry out a regular dental care programme for their pets - which is very worrying.

    "Just as we care for our teeth on a daily basis, the same rules apply for our pet's teeth."

    Dental hygiene can also have other longer term benefits - such as preventing heart and kidney problems in pets.

    Pet insurance is vital for you and your pet. Protect yourself from high vet bills and get the best healthcare for your pet. To get a quote click here.

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