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  • More Dogs get Pet Insurance than Cats

    Pet insurance is now an absolute must have for the average cat or dog in the UK. Vet bills are at their highest levels ever and the cost of even a simple, routine amount of treatment for a cat or dog can send many people reaching for the credit card. Yet, it seems that dogs are luckier than cats in the UK as more dog owners purchase pet insurance than cat owners.

    This research is in spite of the fact that pet cats have outnumbered pet dogs in the UK since the mid-1990s. Research has shown that pet insurance for cats is now running at 17% while pet insurance for dogs stands at 32%. It is believed that the relatively low figures for pet insurance is because many owners have not yet suffered a high veterinary bill and do not therefore deem pet insurance an important addition to the monthly household bill.

    Many pet owners are therefore paying veterinary bills as they occur and do not realise the huge amounts of money that could be saved by insuring their pets against illness, accident and loss. Direct Line also claims that up to 12% of dogs have suffered an illness after a stay in kennels, with 4% suffering an injury - all of which would have been covered by taking out dog insurance or cat insurance.

    Pet insurance is vital for you and your pet. Protect yourself from high vet bills and get the best healthcare for your pet. To get a quote click here.

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