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  • Headbutting Police Dogs Tackle Villains

    In a bizarre development, a wales police force is training its dogs to 'headbutt' villains rather than bite them. Seemingly political correctness gone mad, North Wales Police are worried that villains' human rights will be too endangfered if their dogs bite them during an arrest.

    The PC development (in more ways than one) comes as police forces have come under increasing levels of compensation claims from members of the public who have been bitten by police dogs. Officers reckon the rather 'toothless' tactic is much safer when tackling offenders and could be adopted nationwide. Cynics have protested that the rights of villains are being put before the need to cut crime.

    Rather than biting suspects, the dogs have instead been trained to disable their targets by leaping at them and delivering a flying 'head-butt'. The scheme, being pioneered by North Wales Police, which is headed by controversial chief Richard Brunstrom, is using the Belgian Shepherd Malinois, which is fast becoming the police dog of choice in the UK. This is because they are smaller and more agile than the more traditional German Shepherd which has typically been used.

    Controversially, the dogs are also muzzled to prevent them from biting while a metal rod across the front of the muzzle helps absorb the impact of the strike. Sgt. Ian Massie said: "We believe it is a safer option for an offender to be head-butted."

    John Barrett, who served for 18 years with the Metropolitan Police, is critical of the new tactic and replied for all who find this development disturbing: "This sounds like political correctness. It is very strange - I think the public would laugh at you with a muzzled dog, and it could be counterproductive if people think the dog has to be muzzled because it is dangerous."

    The move comes after a surge in compensation claims from bite victims - including officers. One of the UK's biggest police forces, Greater Manchester paid out £59,000 in compensation in five years. But alleged wrongdoers are warned - the dogs have a powerful butt, especially after a long run-up.

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