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  • Can Dogs Feel Jealousy?

    New research claims that dogs are capable of feeling jealousy.

    The claim has been made by a scientific research group at Portsmouth university, which has also claimed that dogs are capable of a complex web of emotions, one of which is jealousy. The research was conducted by Dr Paul Morris and Christine Doe and is due to be presented at the Festival of Science in Norfolk in September 2006.

    This new research is relatively revolutionary s it was previously believed that certain emotions such as jealousy could only be experienced by more complex life structures such as humans or chimpanzees. Dr Morris claims to have evidence that dogs can exhibit signs of jealousy consistently in certain situations.

    He goes on to say:- "In every report of jealousy in dogs you had the situation where the dog's primary carer was being given affection by an interloper.

    "The most common reaction in these circumstances was for the dog to physically try to push in between the carer and the interloper."

    Dr Morris is an experienced researcher who focuses on secondary emotions in children and animals.

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