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  • UK Animal Cruelty Laws too lenient

    A recent survey carried out by Halifax Pet Insurance has slammed UK animal cruelty laws as being far too lenient.

    Views expressed in the recent surevy suggested that many UK citizens believe that punishments for animal cruelty should match those for similar offences committed against human beings. The survey has come about in the light of a new UK initiative for a duty of care to be imposed on pet owners in Scotland and England and Wales.

    In the survey, a mere 1% said that they would turna blind eye on someone they knew who was mistreating or being cruel to an animal - a surprisingly low figure. The vast majority (84%) would inform either the police or the RSPCA and 15% would approach the offender directly.

    Vicky Watson, product manager, at Halifax Pet Insurance, said:

    "Britain is a nation of pet lovers and simply won't tolerate cruelty to animals. So with incidents of animal cruelty rising many Britons are keen to enforce stricter punishment on those who inflict cruelty on defenceless animals."

    Those in Northern England feel most strongly about the issue, 84% of them do not think that people who mistreat animals receive sufficient penalties. Those in the Wales and the South feel least passionately with 76% (see tables for full regional breakdown).

    Percentage of those who think crimes against animals should carry the same punishment as crimes against people:

    Midlands 53%
    Wales & South West 52%
    North England 49%
    South East 46%
    Scotland 45%
    Source: Halifax Pet Insurance

    Percentage of those who think people who mistreat animals do not receive tough enough penalties:

    North England 84%
    Midlands 82%
    Scotland 78%
    South-East 77%
    Wales & South West 76%
    Source: Halifax Pet Insurance

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